Turkey and Armenians

The ‘Armenian Question’ constitutes an important agenda item on Turkey’s democratization process. The political agenda on the 1915 occupies a crucial place on Turkey’s foreign affairs. The topics under this study area are the approaches towards the Armenians in Turkey and the relations between the Armenian Diaspora and Turkey.

1915 and Attitudes Towards Armenians in Turkey

The study aims to explore how the 1915 and genocide debates are viewed and discussed by the different segments of the society and map out the various approaches towards Armenians in Turkey.

1915 and Beyond        Rapor-Kapak-Ermenice

The Armenian Diaspora

In Turkey, the Armenian diaspora is not only less known but also a frequent subject of criticism. A comprehensive field study with wide geographical span is being carried out to be better acquainted with the Armenian diaspora, and to understand and analyse their demands and expectations.