Urban Alevism and the Young Alevis’ Search for Identity

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.50.36The report Urban Alevism and the Young Alevis’ Search for Identity, authored by Ulaş Tol, focuses on the political perceptions, behavior, and mobility of Alevi youth from the Alevi-populated neighborhoods of Istanbul. The first section of this two-part report traces through primary and secondary sources the transformation of the urban Alevi presence through the expectations and problems voiced by the Alevi community and their narratives on discrimination.

The second section focuses on the interactions Alevi youth have with their identity, their lives within their own community, their perceptions of present day political issues and political party positions, and their own paths to political thought and action. Lastly, the report offers a summary of the findings of the research and conclusions.

The report offers roadmap for the general reader and policy-makers to understand Alevi youths’ demands and expectations. You may view and download it here. 

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