The Alevis’ Agenda from July 15 to the Present

The report “The Alevis’ Agenda from July 15 to the Present” by Ulaş Tol attempts to understand the sentiments of the Alevis regarding the July 15th coup attempt, the process leading to the constitutional referendum, and their expectations and hopes for Turkey’s future.

The study employed two methods aimed at revealing a general picture of the Alevi agenda in the post-July 15th period. First, in-depth interviews were held in Istanbul with opinion leaders representing a number of subsets of the Alevi community. Later, a meeting was held, also in Istanbul, to debate issues covered by the research, with the participation of NGO representatives, businesspeople, and opinion leaders.

While analyzing the recent developments from the perspective of the Alevi community, the report seeks to introduce policy suggestions that would meet the Alevis’ expectations.

Click here to view or download the report.

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