European Citizens with Origins in Turkey: A Close Look at Alevi and Sunni Groups

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 15.04.51Between September 2015 and May 2016, PODEM carried out a two-phase field research in six European countries (Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Britain, France, and Sweden) with large populations of immigrants from Turkey.

The first phase of the field research looked into European states’ immigrant policies, as well as socio-economic structures and policy demands of immigrant groups. The second phase of the research focused on young people from Alevi and Sunni communities in the above-listed countries. A total of 428 young people took part in in-depth interviews about their experiences in acculturating, developing individual personalities and forming their identities, as well as in their social and economic lives.

The report at hand, European Citizens with Origins in Turkey: A Close Look at Alevi and Sunni Groups, presents the evaluation chapters of the two research reports (available fully in Turkish on “Avrupa’da ‘Türkiyeli’ Olmak: Kimlikler, Bireyler, Vatandaşlar” and “Avrupa’da Yaşayan Türkiye Kökenli Gençler: Alevilik/Sünnilik Temelinde Kimlik, Aidiyet, Sosyal Hayat, Siyaset.)

Both chapters of the report focus on the Alevi and Sunni communities of the population from Turkey, and take a close look at their socio-economic conditions and expectations as well as identity issues in Europe. Through this it aims to correct common misconceptions in public opinions of both Turkey and Europe regarding the social interactions between groups such as Turks, Kurds, other ethnic groups, and religious congregations, and clarify the demands and expectations in these communities that tie them and reflect the differences between them.

You may click here to view or download the report.

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