Driving Social and Economic Development in the MENA Region: The Role of International Organizations

Note: The event is closed to the invited participants

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region continues to be a critical spot for political, economic  and social vulnerabilities. Remaining at the heart of world affairs, the region has been affected by chronic insecurity and susceptibility to armed conflicts, governance failures, and the complex relations and rivalries among regional and global powers. The political developments in the region over the past decade including the 2011 uprisings, have further surfaced the existing structural challenges including but not limited to high unemployment and poverty rates, rampant corruption, lack of government transparency and governance, security and social inequality.

In addressing the main drivers of discontentment, social and economic development is instrumental in and vital for stimulating human development at regional level. Given that, the international community, particularly international organizations has an essential role as a stakeholder in achieving inclusive socio-economic development that considers the countries’ different conditions, circumstances and needs, and push for economic, political and social reforms for the interests of the societies.

PODEM will organize a stakeholders’ meeting on Nov. 15 that will thereby discuss the role and impact of international organizations in fostering growth and development of MENA, while looking at the key political, social and economic challenges/opportunities the region embraces.

Supported within the EU Commission’s MENARA Project*, the event will bring stakeholders from different international organizations along with relevant experts, civil society representatives and policy-makers together for a productive debate; and foster an informed dialogue among diverse actors towards the region’s economic and social resilience.

Please click here to see the meeting agenda.

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