On 6th of March 2017, PODEM organized a roundtable discussion in collaboration with The European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) at the European Parliament in Brussels within the frame of its “Social Peace in Turkey” project.

During this roundtable discussion on Turkey, PODEM shared the findings of the lately conducted field research. Among the participants, there were parliamentarians from different countries, representatives of civil society organizations, researchers and academics.

Social Peace in Turkey” project focuses on perceptions of different social segments in Turkey towards the developments emerged aftermath the July 15th coup attempt. The project aims to analyze how these developments are perceived and what are their impacts on current social and political demands and expectations. In that regard, the field research has been carried out with the opinion leaders, representatives and experts from Alevi, Kurdish and secular segments of the society.

The research report will be made publicly available on our website in March 2017.

DATE 2017-05-06 VENUE Brussels