PODEM launched its first report 1915 and Beyond: Public Perception in Turkey with a press meeting on the 28th April, 2016 in İstanbul. After Sabiha Senyücel and Aybars Görgülü presented the findings of the report, participants discussed their implications and policy proposals. Representatives of non-governmental organizations, academics, members of the press, public officers and issue experts joined the discussion.

The report portrays the public perception in Turkey towards the “Armenian Question” – including its historical background, Armenians’ perceptions of their own presence in Turkey, and the perceptions of Turkish society towards Armenians in both Turkey and Armenia. In the light of the research findings, the potential steps to overcome disagreement and perception gap between the two societies were among the key topics discussed during the meeting. The report aims to encourage policy-makers and and society for constructive dialogue and a sound understanding on the Armenian Question.

DATE 2016-04-28 TIME 9:00 am - 12:00 pm VENUE Conrad Hotel
Saray Caddesi No: 5, Cihannüma Mahallesi