On 5th October 2018, PODEM organized a dissemination meeting in Mardin with the title of “Social Dialogue and Socio-Economic Development in Light of the Current Developments in Turkey”.

With its participants representing the various regionally different business societies of the country, the meeting aimed at analyzing and discussing the previously conducted activities such as the South Africa and Northern Ireland Study Tours; which were conducted under the scope of regional development and inequities, and dialogue.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the issues of the development dynamics, the effectiveness of government incentives targeting the amelioration of regional inequalities, and how the businesspeople influenced transformation processes as such in various international examples and how Turkey’s business circles can learn from their experiences.

The activities within the framework of “Business Involvement in Socioeconomic Development and Societal Dialogue” will continue along workshops, meetings and study tours in the future. Following the completion of these activities, their details will be shared on our website.

DATE 2018-10-05 TIME 9:30 am - 3:30 pm VENUE Mardin